Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dancing in the flurries

I absolutely love the look on Sydneys face when she gets so excited about the little things!!! Like a little dancing in snow flurries....PRICELESS!!!


Sydney and I attend the circus every year, and every year it is pretty much the same, but this year the show was called Zing-Zang-Zoom and used magic during the show. Sydney was so excited about going to the circus and usually the tigers are her favorite, she says she is a cheetah....haven't figured this out yet??? But anyways this year she loved the dancers. We always get to the show early so that we can go down for the preshow and so Sydney can dress up and see the clowns. We had great seats and actually stayed for the entire show this year. We were able to get out without having to buy yet another light or 10dollar snow cone but Sydney did find this super cute bear she liked and we bought one drink, probably one of our cheapest trips to the circus yet.....but in this we had a blast! We danced, watched the elephant disappear and the two ladies fly as human cannon balls. It was so much fun and can't wait until next year.
The Zing-Zang-Zoom's circus's newest Ringmaster!!!
The elephant's treat for doing good tricks was an entire loaf of bread that he just ate in one gulp!

One of my favorite pictures of the night....

The Zing-Zang-Zoom finale

A Day at the Park with some of the Besties

Last weekend Sydney and I took off for a night away in Greenville with some great friends. Sydney was super excited because she was getting to have a sleepover with some of her sweetest friends. We went to Greenville and the girls played for a bit but then it was time to hit the park running. We went to Sonic and the girls ran and played for about an hour and then we went and had dinner at one of my favorites Cubbies. I so miss this place!!! After Cubbies we headed to the mall so the mommys could get our brows done and then it was back home for the girls to watch TV, fix hair and color bags....this is what they said they needed to do and ended up staying up playing until 1230! They had an absolute blast!!! Thanks so much for a great weekend Sharon and we can't wait till we do it again!
The sweetest smiles ever!!!

50th Anniversary Sock Hop

Massey School of Dance is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and on February 19th which was exactly 50 years for Massey they celebrated by having a father-daughter sock hop. I was super excited that Victor was taking Sydney because this was their first official event as father-daughter and Sydneys first dance. I went out that week and found her a 50's outfit from Hughie & Louie's costume shop and she had her bobby socks and the cutest little necklace with class ring on it. I knew that she was going to be the best dressed there....(but maybe I am a little biased). Victor came and picked Sydney up and they headed over to the dance studio and they stayed for about an hour and danced and Sydney played with the other kids and they had refreshments and then headed home. What a special time for them to share and I was so happy but a little jealous that I didn't get to be there to snap photos so I had to depend on Victor for this and they are definitely not Renee photos but none the less he did a great job!~

Sydney with Miss Sassy Massey

My little girl dancing and having a blast!

Sydney ending off the night showing Daddy how EXCELLENT of a reader she is....I am so proud of you baby girl!!!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my sweet angel!! You are the best valentine anyone could ever hope for and just seeing your sweet smile everyday completely melts my heart! I love you baby girl!!!
Sydney and mommy and PaPa enjoyed a valentine breakfast at Mcleans Cafe....
Sydneys valentine's pink puppy from Mommy

Some Rainy Day Fun

I am very behind in my blog updates for February so I am getting ready to roll out several events that we have done during this month. The first is some rainy day fun. The weather this winter has been VERY NOT NORTH CAROLINA! Now, I am not complaining because I love cold weather and we have really enjoyed the snow days, but with all of the rain, cold, and snow we are ready for some spring sunshine! So on one of our many rainy Sundays this month we decided to get out of the house, have some Red Robin for lunch and go to Build-a-Bear for Sydneys 1st bear. Now I have been trying to hold off from taking her to Build-a-Bear because spending 50-60dollars for a stuffed bear is a little much but after many "mommy please can we go to build-a-bear" I felt it was time. We had a great day, Sydney, PaPa and mommy went and had a fabulous Red Robin lunch and then we headed to Crabtree for Sydneys Fabulous Day.
Sydney being silly with her cantaloupe smile!
Nothing better than a good ol' fashioned ice cream sundae...YYUUMM!!!
Sydney standing with the "statue that welcomes people to America"

Sydney pumping the stuffing into her new bear...

Sydney giving her new bear a great "bear bath"

Getting Sydney all dressed up to go to her new home....

Sydneys new bear "Pretty", an Icarly bear none the less with Ipod an all....this bear is styling and profiling....

Pretty is all packaged and ready to go to her new home on Tant road

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let it Snow....Let it Snow.....

Last week we had some wonderful winter weather and I think this is maybe the 3rd snowfall that Sydney has seen, but the 1st really big snowfall that she could really get in and sled and play and do all the things I enjoyed doing in the snow growing up. Sydney absolutely loves snow and one of her favorite things to do in the snow is make snow angels. We have tried with all three snow falls including this one to make a snow man....But no success....Maybe next time!

On the first day of the snow fall, Uncle Guy and Hunter came over on the 4-wheeler and we did some good ole country sledding...Sydney had an absolute blast, it was still sleeting most of the day on Saturday so the sleet kept hitting her in the face while she was sledding and this she really did not like. The funniest part of the sledding was when Uncle Guy went down the ditch embankment in front of my dads and came back up the hill and Sydney and hunter leaned to far and the whole sled tipped over and tipped them out....Super funny...well to me anyway!:) After they spent about an hour on the sled, Sydney and Hunter went to Uncle Guys and spent the afternoon playing Wii.

Since this was such a big snow, we got to play a 2nd we spent the day having snow ball fights, making snow angels and taking winter walks......I am so thankful that I was actually home during this snow and could spend the time watching my girls face light up as she played outside and enjoyed the snow. Along with the many days of snow, Sydney also got 3days of from school....which made her equally happy!

Hold on Baby!!!

My beautiful snow angel...

Snowball fight between cousins....

Hunter walking to the house for some winter time play....