Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Day!!

Today Sydney was on Green!!! It was the 1st time since the 1st day of school. It was an awesome accomplishment for her because she has really been struggling with not talking and playing during class. This would seem like a very small thing to many parents but to us; we are doing some praising!!!! Sydney was so excited when she got in the car, that was the first thing that she said, "Mommy I was on green!" She said, "Mommy I tried really hard and I did it,"!!!!

Mommy is so proud of you Baby Girl!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy 5 Ranch

What a fun day......Sydney and her two sweet friends Haley and Emma came over for a sleepover and were so excited because they knew that when we all woke up the next day....WE WERE GOING ON A SAFARI!!!! We headed out really, really early in the AM, and headed to Mooresville, NC to the Lazy 5 Ranch. It was a really long, ride with lots of potty breaks in between, but finally we made it and we took down the back seats, pulled up the hatch and we were ready to feed.....

Sydney loves all the animals except for the ostriches...She had the chance to feed cows, giraffes, deer, Texas Longhorns, and zebras....It was awesome!!! Sydney loves animals so she had a blast until she turned her head and one of the ostriches grabbed her food....That made her very unhappy!~!!!

Our two sweet friends, Haley and Emma needing some warming up after the first round around the safari they were ready to try this thing out!!!

After the safari ride we went and had a picnic and played on the swings and slide.

It was an awesome day......But very, very needless to say these three amigas were ready for some ac and a nap!!!! We had a great time with great friends!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am a big girl now Mommy......

So lots of changes going on in our house this week.....starting kindergarten, working on getting out of pullups and staying dry......walking from the car to the school door in carpool line solo.....and the BIGGIE....SLEEPING BY OURSELF!!!!
I think this would have started long ago, except for the fact that Mommy likes having Sydney there. So maybe we should say the BIGGIE IS MOMMY IS SLEEPING BY HERSELF!!!!

I got this mommy.....1st day of take off from carpool line to classroom.....

There is my mommy....1st day pick up in carpool line....

Night, Night Everyone.....Fred...shamu

But wait...I have to make sure my animals are ready for bed......Sparkles, monkey, bear.....

We had our second day of school on 9-2-09 and we came home again EXHAUSTED!!! Unfortunatly, this day we did not stay on green, we were on yellow for talking in class and in the line.

So now comes Day 3.....We are now on purple....we should be moving up not backwards but we are still talking in the classroom and in the hallway. So now Mommy has had to get a note from the teacher...not good on the 3rd day of school!!! But we are still working on our talking and on our growing because with each day comes a new way of showing I am growing bigger and bigger and faster and faster!!!!

It has been a great week. It is so awesome to watch Sydney as she walks the walkway to school each day and know that I have the most precious gift that God has ever given me right here.....and the most important job of being her mommy....

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten 9-1-09

Kindergarten Here I come!!!

Well, the day is here.......time to send Sydney off to kindergarten. She was of course sooooo excited!!! Before going to bed the night before, she did not want to get her bath, she needed to do it in the morning so that she would be able to fix her hair. We woke up took a bath, straitened her hair, put on her pretty dress, ate breakfast, and away we went; but not after taking lots of pictures, and me hearing several times, this is the last one Mommy!!

When we got to school we had to stand in the long line with all the other parents to check in and walk their child to class. So by this time, the bell has rung and now my child is tardy. Well, I was not worried about the tardy part, but was concerned that I would not have time to take pictures in the classroom because they would be beginning class. So when we got to Sydneys classroom, the students were beginning to go to the cafeteria for breakfast, but Ms Phipps did let me get a quick picture of Sydney with her teacher.

And then mommy went to the car.......AND CRIED ALL THE WAY HOME!!! I was so sad, but yet so excited for her and proud all at the same time!!!

When I picked her up from school I could not wait to hear all about her day. She was so excited and said, "she had a great day". She said, "had chicken salad and watermelon and chocolate milk for lunch", and she went to art class and learned to not break the crayons and to put the tops on the markers when you use them.

They played outside and she said, "I have two friends, Brooks and Ashely, Brooks is a boy and well mommy you know Ashley", really I don't but just glad she is making friends and having fun! And she says, "I stayed on green all day, that means I was good", so I told her for all the days you stay on green I will give you a quarter, she says " I would rather you give me dollars for all the days I stay on green", so we agreed she will get a dollar for all the days she stays on green but if she loses her green fish then she has to give a dollar back! And she is excited and I am excited that she kept all her fish because I was REALLY WORRIED ABOUT THAT....She loves to talk and talk and talk.

I am so proud of Sydney and her first day of kindergarten. She had a great time and was exhausted when she got home, there was no arguing bedtime tonight, and WOOHOO, we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Getting Ready For Kindergarten

Well, it has now come the time to prepare myself and my little one for kindergarten....She is ready to jump in with both feet, but mommy is struggling a bit. You know it shouldn't be much different, she has been in preschool for the last two years, but I think it is the fact that she is now REALLY in school and when we want to stay home to just hang out, well can't exactly do that!

We went to Kindergarten open house on thursday August 20 to see sydneys classroom and meet sydneys teacher, Ms Phipps. I was really nervous about Ms Phipps in the beginning, but I know that God has placed Ms Phipps into Sydneys life for a reason and will be a blessing this year in guiding her through her first year of kindergarten. Mommy and Daddy both took sydney to open house and she was ecstatic, I think her favorite thing was the water fountain in the hall...(she loves to play in water and flowers)....

At Bunn Elementary, they do staggered enrollment for kindergartners, so about 4-5 kids from Sydneys class will go for a half day each day the first week of school. Sydneys first day was August 25. She went from 9-2. She had a blast, but was exhausted when I picked her up. The night before, I let Sydney pack all her school supplies, and we talked about kindergarten and reviewed Ms Phipps rules, and then it was time for bed and she was actually ready because she knew what was waiting in the morning!!!

The next morning when she woke up we took lots of pictures, but Sydney just wanted to GO!!! She was so excited!!!

When I took her to school, I was the parent that made my child walk through the wet grass to stand in front of the school sign to take pictures. Now sydney was not quite so excited, because you see she hates wet grass.....Says, "it messes up her toenails"! So we cleaned her shoes and off we went!!!! I was so proud of her she went in sat at her desk and was ready to start her day!!!

When I picked her up, she had a wonderful day!!!! They did test's (as sydney says), and she showed them she knows her letters, phonics, can write her name, her colors and shapes and can sound out some words!. They got to eat in the cafeteria, She loves to eat and eating in the cafeteria was that much better.

Her class also went to the bus area to all get on a bus and review bus safety. Sydney now knows if there is an accident on the bus, you exit out the back door of the bus!

When mommy picked her up, we went for a tour of the school.....I was so ready to go pick her up because I missed her so much!!!! Also the teacher let the parents know that Sydney and Michaela ( a little girl at her table) have no trouble talking with others, in fact their may have to be a table change....that's my girl, Social Butterfly!

What a great summer!!

Welcome everyone!!! This is my first post, and I really wish I would have started this long ago....but none the less, this has been the summer before my baby starts kindergarten, and we have had a great time!!! We have done nothing big, but lots of small things together and it has been so precious!

We started the summer with Sydneys 1st dance recital. Sports Mania 2009 with Louisburg School of Dance at Louisburg College Auditorium. She danced on the "big stage." She did two dances ballet: Hop Scotch Polka and Tap: Take me out to the ballgame. I am so proud of her, she did a great job and my family was in tears watching them, they are so cute and it warms your heart because whether they remember their steps or not they are having a great time just dancing around while the crowd cheers.

We spent our 4th of July at Emerald Point and had a great time....Sydney was a little hesitant of the slides at first but once she got started there was no stopping her. We stayed at the park most of the day and then followed up with fireworks at the Mudcats. Sydney was so tired she fell asleep during the end of the fireworks...(the princess needs her beauty rest no matter what is going on around her)....

We also had a great time at the Museum of Life and Science with friends this summer. Sydney loves the butterfly house and really wonders why no matter how hard she tries, she just can't get those butterflys to land on her hands, (no matter how HARD SHE TRIES to be quiet)! Sydney also loves the bears at the museum and the train, but is much like her mommy in the fact that she prefers a cold day over a hot day so she would much rather enjoy the museum on a fall day not in july when it is 95degrees.

As you can little one is very hot!!!!

We have been to the park so many times the summer, we love the park, the swings are our favorite! We tried a new park this summer in Cary, they have lots of things for bigger kids to climb on. Sydney is still not sure about the climbing in the spider web....she likes to keep two feet on the ground.

The highlight of our summer has been fine tuning our swimming skills. We have spent alot of days at Knightdale Park and Rec. We started out in level 1 and by the end of the summer we advanced to level 2 ( in mommys opionion should have been in level 3) but none the less she did so great!! She jumped off the diving board each friday and each time was the only one in her class that did it by herself and needed no coaxing!!! Now there has to be someone at the bottom of the board, but she is now swimming like a little fish!!!

And like all good things, the summer has come to an end...and now it is Kindergarten here I come!!!!