Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Sydney chose to be "Dorothy" from The Wizard of Oz. I think she really only chose the costume because she wanted the basket with "ToTo". I was secretly so glad that she had picked this costume because it was something that I had wanted her to dress as for awhile. We always start our Trick-or-Treating out by going to Aunt Vickie's and then to Rufie's and then to Aunt Pammy's. And then after a few stops at the family houses we ventured off to Zebulon where we were able to park and walk thru the streets and do some really fun trick or treating! This picture above really makes me smile because I cherish all the pictures that I am able to have of Sydney with Rufie. And then we always get halloween pictures with my favorite fella The Ninja!

She is without a doubt the cutest Dorothy that I have ever seen! :)

Everyone knows that Dorothy got to Kansas by riding a scooter right??

Sydney and her PaPa

The two kids running into Aunt Vickie's house for candy!

My little Dorothy and my little Ninja

Trick-or-Treat Aunt Vickie!

One tired little trick-or-treater....calling it a night with a huge bag of candy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our visit to Vollomer Farm

Going to Vollomer Farm is a tradition, My dad works there and we have been every fall for last few years. We also try to make it a cousin tradition. Sydney really loves the corn box there and the tunnel slide. The barrel train is a favorite as well! Here are lots of great pictures of our fun day. But my favorite picture is the picture of PaPa with his two favorite people!

How can you not just love these two faces! This is on the hayride to the farm....Sydney loves to fix her hair and wear it down, even thought I often encourage her to pull it up especially on hot fall days like this one, but The Diva She is likes her hair down to "flow in the wind"!

In all the years that we have been going to the farm, Sydney has never been afraid to visit the Pumpkin Princess for pictures!

Like I said, The corn box is her favorite! She loves to be buried in the corn box except that we find corn kernels dropping from us for days after we visit the corn box!

Hunter is telling Sydney to climb on up in his big 4x4!

Sydney's favorite thing about the corn maze was not finding her way out of the maze but pulling all the corn off of the stalks!

I hope these two will always be the bestest of pals...they are so close in age and really enjoy playing together but yet act just like brother and sister in their disagreements! I hope they always enjoy spending time together!

Sydney is still holding on to that corn stalk while they are watching the ducks and the fish in the lake.

AAAAHHHHH Now I can finally relax!

This smile is what I get up for and go to bed for each day! I never thought it possible to love someone so much but I know for sure I would be completely lost without her! She is my best friend and the greatest gift I have ever been given was the gift of being chosen to be her Mommy! I love you so much Sweet Girl!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun at the Fair

We absolutely love the fair and it is something we have shared together since Sydney was 7months old! We used to go together as a family every year up until last year and now Sydney and I continue to go and this year she went with her Dad as well to continue the tradition. She loves the rides and her Dad always rides the rides with her and has for years. But this year we went I think three times, the first time we went just Sydney and I and she rode lots of rides and we ate lots and lots of yummy food. And then we went back again with an old friend and Sydney had a blast riding all the rides with Haley and Amy and I enjoyed lots more of yummy food. And then we went back one more time to get in more rides and some more yummy fair food!

The first thing we got into at the fair was some Yummy Roasted Corn!

This is with out a doubt Sydney's favorite ride! Every year she rides the "dragon coaster" over and over and over again!

Going fishing, because as the lady says at the booth "Everyone is a winner"!

Getting ready to win the big prize!

And there it is! A fuzzy Puppy! And she could not be more excited!

Every Body Put your Hands up in the Air!!!

Sydney and the Amran Shrine Man!

We loved watching this walk around couple playing on all their instruments....I really loved watching Sydney dance to their music! She always makes me smile!

It's kinda hard to see what's going on here, but Sydney is milking the NC State Cow....Those are utters she is squeezing!

I am not quite sure if that is lots of enjoyment in her face???

A little Fun in the Fun House!

That would be the face of Come Help Me Get Down Now!!!

Now That is Finger Licking Good Fair Food!!!!

AAAGGGHHHH!!!! Get Me Down!!!!!!

This is Sydney's fish Lucky that she won at one of the games, she still remembers that fish and he only lived like one week.....But that was Sydney's first goldfish!

Haley and Sydney getting all buckled in for their ride on Sydney's favorite coaster!

Now that is some fun-filled smiles!

Whoo Hoo!!! Put Your Hands Up!!!!

Sydney loved this ride! Haley Not so much!!! There is almost no ride that Sydney will not go on! She loves the adrenaline rush of the up and down and the speed!

Kickin' back chit chatting waiting for the ride to start!

Thumb's up Mommy! I got this!!


The best of friends waiting in line for the next spin on the action packed fun!

Thumb's Up MOmmy! I am a fair ridin' Pro!

Sydney is smiling and Haley is screaming Never Again!!!!

I had to try the new Fair Fad....The Krispy Kreme Burger...And it was very good!

The Moving Statue!

Frozen Chocoloate Covered Bananas!

Sydney had so much fun at the fair this year.....We shared a great time together and she had fun going with a friend and got to share in that same fun with her Dad.....Now we can't wait till next year to do it again and continue the NC State Fair Tradition!