Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Rainy Day Fun

I am very behind in my blog updates for February so I am getting ready to roll out several events that we have done during this month. The first is some rainy day fun. The weather this winter has been VERY NOT NORTH CAROLINA! Now, I am not complaining because I love cold weather and we have really enjoyed the snow days, but with all of the rain, cold, and snow we are ready for some spring sunshine! So on one of our many rainy Sundays this month we decided to get out of the house, have some Red Robin for lunch and go to Build-a-Bear for Sydneys 1st bear. Now I have been trying to hold off from taking her to Build-a-Bear because spending 50-60dollars for a stuffed bear is a little much but after many "mommy please can we go to build-a-bear" I felt it was time. We had a great day, Sydney, PaPa and mommy went and had a fabulous Red Robin lunch and then we headed to Crabtree for Sydneys Fabulous Day.
Sydney being silly with her cantaloupe smile!
Nothing better than a good ol' fashioned ice cream sundae...YYUUMM!!!
Sydney standing with the "statue that welcomes people to America"

Sydney pumping the stuffing into her new bear...

Sydney giving her new bear a great "bear bath"

Getting Sydney all dressed up to go to her new home....

Sydneys new bear "Pretty", an Icarly bear none the less with Ipod an all....this bear is styling and profiling....

Pretty is all packaged and ready to go to her new home on Tant road

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