Friday, March 19, 2010

Leaping Like a Leprachaun on St. Patricks Day

This St. Patricks Day, Sydneys school had a school-wide Leprechaun Leap. This is where each class dressed in green and the teachers had balloons and hats all walked together around the school parking lot. Her school is focused on Wellness so each month they usually have some kind of school walk. At the end of the walk each child was given a piece of "lucky gold" by the teacher. It was such a joy to see the childrens faces as they walked and sometimes ran to keep up...I am so thankful to have a job that allows me to be able to share in these fun times with Sydney.
1..2..3..GGGOOOO!!! I absolutely love these smiling and excited faces!!

Sydneys kindergarten class in line waiting for their gold as they have finished their walk...

Collecting her "lucky gold"

Nothing like yummy carrots, applesauce and chicken sandwich and chocolate milk in the school cafeteria....YYUUMMYY!!!

Enjoyed having lunch with my sweet girl....The green cones that you see are for talking it is on green and that means we can talk...YEAH!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Happy Birthday Savannah

This past Sunday, Sydneys little friend Savannah turned 4 so we celebrated with her for her birthday at Chuck e Cheese. Sydney had a great time, she loved playing all the games and riding the little rides and working hard to collect tickets to win the prize she really wanted which was the Polly Pocket game and that was 5000 tickets...Well we collected 81 so maybe next time. I tried to covince Sydney to save her tickets....but she wanted to spend them right away....Wonder where she gets that from...???? huummmm???

Nothing like some good ol chuck e pizza!!! Yummyy!!!

Ride Humm cowgirl!!!!

It's Sydney and Chuck E.

St. Patty's Day Parade

This past Saturday Sydney and I went downtown to enjoy our first Raleigh St. Patricks Day parade. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time, granted the parade was a bit long and after about an hour and seeing Lucky the Leprechaun Sydney was ready to go to marbles because that was our next stop but their were some really fun floats and it was so nice to get out and enjoy a spring day.
Mommy's Little Lucky Leprechaun....Love you Sweet girl!!!
Sydney's face to the bagpipes....I don't think she is a big fan of bagpipes, especially since she held her hand over her ears and said...OH NO Bagpipes...:)

Lucky the Leprechaun....the only person Sydney wanted to see in the parade....
Irish Hillbilly granny's

Irish Hillbillies

Mini Monster Trucks

North Carolina parrot heads...

Ronald McDonald living the green life!

The wonderfully nutritious lunch that Sydney has prepared for Mommy!

After the parade went to Sydneys all-time favorite museum...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6-Year Well Child Check

We had Sydneys 6-year well child check last week, and when I picked Sydney up from school and told her we were going to the doctor Sydney's first question was, "Mommy am I going to get any shots, because I don't want 3shots." I didn't answer her because you never know what they are going to get when you go but I knew she was not getting three shots, so I told Sydney she could ask Dr. Dubal when we got to the doctor. I am so very thankful for a healthy child because thankfully we only go to the doctor about once a year and maybe once or twice in between, and I thank God each and every day for my healthy baby girl!

So the results are in:
Height: 49.75 inches (65% on growth chart)
Weight: 69lb (100% on growth chart)

Heart rate: 104
BP: 86/46

Dr. Dubal's suggestions: No more juice, milk three times a day, only fresh fruits and vegetables for snack, when not drinking milk only drink water, no sweet tea (which happens to be Syds favorite), small meals with two small snacks and continue being active and return in 2weeks for a thyroid panel to be drawn. I knew the weight issue was going to arise but Dr. Dubal said to try these suggestions and she doesn't want Sydney to be concerned about her weight but to try changing some of her habits and so we are working on these for our entire house!
Not so happy about Mommy taking pictures in the Dr office...Sorry Honey!!!
Reading Go Dog go in her very cute Dr Seuss paper gown...:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tumblin Birthday Fun

Yesterday We had Sydneys 6th Birthday party at Youngs Gym in Wake Forest. Sydney was super excited from the time she woke up about her friends coming to her birthday party to play and of course about getting to open presents and eat Icarly cake. She decided that for her birthday this year she wanted an Icarly theme because that is her favorite show right now. And the two big things that she wanted for her birthday were and Ipod (MP3 player), and a Nintendo DS. So the morning of the party, I was finishing up the last touches, picking up the food for the party, wrapping gifts and getting the house ready for sydneys birthday sleepover. Her party was at 2pm, so about 1:00 we headed to Wake Forest, Me, my girl and PaPa. We arrived at the gym and Sydney was ecstatic and as her friends began to arrive.....she was the happiest little girl ever.

At the party I think the adults had as much fun as the children, Everyone loved the big slide the most, and the kids loved taking a swing on the "Peter Pan Swing". The gym was full of trampolines, balance beams, monkey bars, the large slide and an inflatable obstacle course, and a smaller jump house. The hit of the party was PaPa and Rufie coming down the slide, these memories were priceless.

We have such wonderful family and friends, Sydney received so many wonderful gifts at her party:
Mommy: Nintendo ds and game
PaPa: Nintendo ds game, two board games, and coloring bag
Aunt Vickie and Uncle Tim: dress
Lilly, Jackson, Rob, heidi, dee and jonathon: outfit and bubble blower
Gavin, Mikayla, and Peyton: outfit, sunglasses, and lip gloss
Daddy: Mp3 player
TiTi carmen and Serena: gift card for walmart
Jayden: gift card
Cheyenne and Savannah and Shannon: Nintendo ds game
Aunt Pammy and Uncle Larry: outfit
Brandy and Jeremy: outfit
Sharon, Macho, Emily and Sarah: Barbie and operation game
Rufies turn on the giant slide......When she got up, her first words were....I will never do that again...:)
Papa on the Giant Slide...Priceless Memory!

Flying High in the Peter pan Swing.....Fly Sydney Fly!!!
Sydneys favorites...cake, Cheetos, and chocolate ice cream..

Making that special Birthday wish

Birthday Hug from Daddy....

Our family knew just what we needed....SPRING CLOTHES...and what a beautiful wardrobe we have ready to sport!

After the party Sydney had two of her friends come for sleepover so when we left the gym we went into Raleigh so the girls could get some play time in, and they chose Mcdonalds playland to play in???? And then after there busy day they needed a relaxing pedicure (as sydney says, she needs her toes done because it is so relaxing) and then we headed to eat at Golden Corral....their choice.

Ready to hit the town with the girls!!!!

Nothing like a great leg massage with pedicure.....AAAAHHHH!!!

The finished pedicure product...

After all this it was time to go home and play some more.....What a wonderful day and Sydney told me after the Party this was the most terrific day ever! And that made it all worth it just hearing those words and seeing her smile!

The smile that will melt your heart....