Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Trail

Last Night, Sydney and I went to a Halloween Trail at Durant Nature Park. We had such a good time hiking thru the park in the evening. The event started with a hayride into the park and then we were dropped off at the picnic shelter where we made a bat craft. After the craft we played some games and played in the park. When it was time to begin the hike the group gathered with the tour guide and children armed with their flashlights and the walk began. The entire trail was lit with luminary bags and jack-o-lanterns. Someone from the park-n-rec had gone thru the entire trail and painted all of the tree stumps orange so they would glow and prevent anyone from falling. Along the trail we stopped at different areas to listen to characters talking about different animals that live in the woods. We started with a spider and then went to Merlin the wizard, then to a butterfly, and then to the red wolf and ended with an awesome magic show. Sydney enjoyed the butterfly character the most, and remembers that she was black and orange and that she was a monarch butterfly.

Sydney waiting for the trail to start.....ready with her flashlight!!!

Sydneys bat she made at the craft table!!!! Great Job Honey!!!!

Sydney playing the beanbag are a little to close Honey,.....but anything to get the bag in....

Sydney touching some kind of Snake....she enjoyed this, Mommy was ready to move on to the next booth!!!

Sydney was chosen to help "Sam the Magic man" with the magic show, she held a bag while Sam put Frankensteins head in the bag and made it disappear. Sydney thought that was the coolest.

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