Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Sydney chose to be "Dorothy" from The Wizard of Oz. I think she really only chose the costume because she wanted the basket with "ToTo". I was secretly so glad that she had picked this costume because it was something that I had wanted her to dress as for awhile. We always start our Trick-or-Treating out by going to Aunt Vickie's and then to Rufie's and then to Aunt Pammy's. And then after a few stops at the family houses we ventured off to Zebulon where we were able to park and walk thru the streets and do some really fun trick or treating! This picture above really makes me smile because I cherish all the pictures that I am able to have of Sydney with Rufie. And then we always get halloween pictures with my favorite fella The Ninja!

She is without a doubt the cutest Dorothy that I have ever seen! :)

Everyone knows that Dorothy got to Kansas by riding a scooter right??

Sydney and her PaPa

The two kids running into Aunt Vickie's house for candy!

My little Dorothy and my little Ninja

Trick-or-Treat Aunt Vickie!

One tired little trick-or-treater....calling it a night with a huge bag of candy!

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