Monday, October 18, 2010

Our visit to Vollomer Farm

Going to Vollomer Farm is a tradition, My dad works there and we have been every fall for last few years. We also try to make it a cousin tradition. Sydney really loves the corn box there and the tunnel slide. The barrel train is a favorite as well! Here are lots of great pictures of our fun day. But my favorite picture is the picture of PaPa with his two favorite people!

How can you not just love these two faces! This is on the hayride to the farm....Sydney loves to fix her hair and wear it down, even thought I often encourage her to pull it up especially on hot fall days like this one, but The Diva She is likes her hair down to "flow in the wind"!

In all the years that we have been going to the farm, Sydney has never been afraid to visit the Pumpkin Princess for pictures!

Like I said, The corn box is her favorite! She loves to be buried in the corn box except that we find corn kernels dropping from us for days after we visit the corn box!

Hunter is telling Sydney to climb on up in his big 4x4!

Sydney's favorite thing about the corn maze was not finding her way out of the maze but pulling all the corn off of the stalks!

I hope these two will always be the bestest of pals...they are so close in age and really enjoy playing together but yet act just like brother and sister in their disagreements! I hope they always enjoy spending time together!

Sydney is still holding on to that corn stalk while they are watching the ducks and the fish in the lake.

AAAAHHHHH Now I can finally relax!

This smile is what I get up for and go to bed for each day! I never thought it possible to love someone so much but I know for sure I would be completely lost without her! She is my best friend and the greatest gift I have ever been given was the gift of being chosen to be her Mommy! I love you so much Sweet Girl!

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