Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Upward Cheer Event

I am so behind in posting about what has been going on with us this month but I am going to start with Sydneys first upward game was she was able to cheer her first game. She did so good, and I was so proud of her. Their were four quarters and each quarter lasted 4minutes so between each quarter there was a minute break where the cheerleaders would cheer for the crowd. And then at halftime they did a brief halftime cheer and then there was a devotion for everyone there. I was one proud mommy as I watched Sydney jump and cheer and chant.....
Here comes the lil roses cheerleaders...WHOO!!!
The girls getting loud as they welcome the basketball players
The girls sitting mid-court "watching the game"
Look at them girls cheer...What a good looking squad..(esp. the brunette in the middle..:))

Sydney getting her spirit star on her megaphone by her cheer coach Mrs. Betty

Enjoying some yummy goldfish and juice after cheering so hard.

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