Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Decade....New Year....Happy 2010

So I am a bit late in getting this out, but Sydney and I are so excited about starting a new year. 2009 was great for us....Sydney started Kindergarten, I went back to work at Duke full-time from the Peds ER at Wake, and I also went back at a 3-2 schedule which is awesome because it allows me so much more time to do things with my girl. Also in 2009 Sydney had her first dance recital, she was the prettiest ballarina ever, she also had her first girls sleepover for her 5th birthday, she jumped off the diving board for the 1st time after only 1week of swimming lessons and was the only one in her class that would jump. This past year has been an awesome year of firsts, but I know 2010 is going to be even better. Sydney will turn six this year, she keeps asking me when is she going to first grade and all her Mommy wants to do is bottle time, and She is also constantly asking when is she going to lose her first tooth because all her friends all lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy came to their house.

We have made many goals for our home this year as well as personal goals and I hope that we are able to achieve each of them.

They are for our home to be more frugal and stop eating out so much so we can SAVE MONEY! Also our home is going on a diet/exercise least Mommy is hitting it hard anyway..I have a 30lb goal by Sydneys 6th birthday, And our last goal is for Sydney and I to become more involved in church, My schedule at work has not really allowed for us to become active in church and I really want to work to change that this year.

So friends and family that is us in a nutshell getting ready for the new year.....Happy New Year everyone and Hope everyone has a blessed year!

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