Sunday, August 22, 2010

A visit to BabyLand General Hospital

On our trip home from Atlanta we decided to make a special stop in Cleveland, GA at Babyland General Hospital, home of the Cabbage Patch. Sydney had looked forward to this stop all week during vacation because she loves dolls and I had promised her a Cabbage Patch from the original Babyland General. It was unreal how much this place was made to resemble an actual birthing unit. They had a welcome desk when you walk in where a LPN (licensed patch nurse) would sign you in and then you could tour the hospital. There were boy and girl nurseries, a delivery room, cabbage patch kids in isolettes hooked up to IV's, a bus where the cabbage patch kids would go to school and then in the center of the room was the Magic Crystal Tree where visitors would gather round and see a cabbage patch born from the tree with the help of the LPN. Over the intercom they would make an announcement for the nurse needed and everyone would gather for the was amazing how they used some of the similar terminology used during a delivery and applied it the cabbage patch being born from the magic tree. Here are some pictures from our visit.....definitely a place we are glad to say we have been and definitely a place that Sydney wants to revisit.

Babyland General Hospital, this is the new facility that has been opened within the last couple of years.

Upon arrival we are greeted by the LPN's and Sydney gets to carry a doll around the hospital with her.
Sydney visiting in the Boy nursery.....and taking extra special care of the babies.
The recovery room that the cabbage patch goes to be weighed and measured after delivery and to prepare for adoption.

The kids are in school....SSSHHH got to be very quiet....:)

Sydney in front of the Magic Tree.
The nurse talking about how Mama Patch is ten leaves and she may have to receive an "easyotomy"
The nurse giving Mama Patch a little "Happy cillin" and some TLC...
Here comes the little Patch...

It's a boy....the LPN asks for some help from the visitors for naming the new Patch

Sydney intently watching the new patch getting weighed and measured and prepared to go to his new home.
John Tom....1lb 2oz.....Born 8-21-2010.....Named by my little Sydney.......

Sydney adopting her original Cabbage Patch from the Original Babyland General Hospital. Could she look any happier??!!!

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