Sunday, August 15, 2010

A visit to the Imperial Center Rocky Mt. Childrens Museum

Sydney and I ventured off today for our first visit to the Children's museum in Rocky Mt. I had found out about it in a book I have, Everything Kids love to do in NC so we decided to make it our adventure for the day. We were probably there only about an hour-an hour and a half. We were not very impressed. They had a health exhibit, some animals, and a play area for small kids which Sydney enjoyed rolling around in. They also had a tornado machine. I don't know that we will make the trip back to the museum but at least we can say we have been and tryed it out!

This is the alligator they had at the museum, they also had a boa constrictor...I totally hate snakes and they also had a touch tank that had some fish and some shells in it. Sydney absolutely loved the touch was her favorite exhibit at the museum.


You don't ever see these old fashioned pony's anymore.......

They had this animal that was made totally out of recycled material.

We are outta here!!!

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