Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to 1st Grade!

This year starts 1st grade for us and big changes at school as there are many more expectations than when in Kindergarten. We went to open house to meet Sydney's teacher and I had alot of apprehension because Kindergarten was a really tough year because Sydney and Mrs. Phipps (kindergarten teacher) just did not mix....she was extremely strict and Sydney had begun to hate school. So I was praying for someone that could understand my little social butterfly and help her to once again love school because she is definitely too smart to not like school. We we were looking to find her class and I found that she was in Mrs. Collier's class....I was ecstatic, in fact I did a big YES! in the hallway that she saw but I knew that we were going to have an awesome 1st grade year! With me being on the PTA at school this year the first day was very busy because we were feeding the teachers and I had to go pick up the breakfast and get it ready on top of getting Sydney all ready for her 1st day of school! She was so ready to go and meet her friends that she had not seen all summer and even thought some of her closest friends were in different classes she was very happy to see Jason Acosta was in her class again this year. ( I think she kinda likes him)! I took her to class helped her get all settled in and then left, but it was very sad because I begin to see how quickly she is growing up and it definitely makes me sad!

When I picked her up in the carpool line I was at the front of the line because I was so ready to get her picked up and her all about her day....I had missed her so much all day! When they called my number and I got to my cone to pick Sydney up there was no Sydney and I was worried to say the least....everyone was calling for Sydney and asking teachers if they had seen her but no Sydney and then I saw a teacher come running up the sidewalk holding Sydney's hand and I could see the fear on her face because she had gotten lost. When she got in the car she was so upset because she said she didn't her Mrs. Collier say which line was for carpool and she had gotten in the bus line. But when we got home and she calmed down....she said she loved her teacher and had a great day at school and was ready to do it again tomorrow!

My precious little 1st grader!

OK Mommy, I am ready to do this!

She was very excited about her kitty book bag....we have a lunch box that matches but this girl loves to eat in the cafeteria!

Finding her hanger in the closet to hang her book bag.

She is ready to get to work!

Sydney and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Collier! We love her!!!!

Home at last from the 1st day of school.....and she is all smiles and so is Mommy!

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