Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go Wildcats!!!

This is Sydney's 1st year cheer leading. This was her first game and she was very excited but also very nervous. She had practiced for over a month three times a week prior to the game so I knew she would do great. I think I love Sydney cheering more than she does because it is very hot out and her coach Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Jennifer do work the girls very hard and Hard work and Sydney are not the best of friends! She did such a great job at the game and she looked absolutely adorable!! I was so proud of her!
The girls getting ready for the Wildcat boys to come running thru...

WooHoo!!! Let's play some football!!!!

There is the cutest Wildcat Cheerleader you will ever see!!!!

Here is a video of one of their cheers.

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