Thursday, September 2, 2010

You are 6 1/2 Today Baby Girl!!

My sweet have been saying you are 61/2 years old for awhile now so I felt I must put a special post in to let you know what you love the most at 61/2years old. You are one of the most outgoing little girl, you will talk to anyone and have never met a stranger. You light up the room when you enter and you manage to make a friend where ever you go. You love to read and are actually the top reader in your class. You are beginning to read chapter books whenever you are in the bed you always MUST read before bed! You have the vocabulary of a 30year old adult (literally)! But why wouldn't you because you have been talking in complete sentences since you were 2years old! You absolutely love to dance and love music but not country music and you are not afraid to ask as soon as you get in the car to please turn the radio up and put it on KISS 93.9 please! (dance music). This is your first time cheer leading other than when you did upward last year but this is your first real football cheer leading. I think you kinda like it but it has been very hot and you don't like to sweat or get how so if practice was in the air condition you would probably like it much more! You love FOOD!!! You are not much of a meat eater unless it is chicken nuggets, but you love potatoes and mac-n-cheese and chocolate. Your favorite candy bar is Kit Kat! You love to draw and color ( I think you get that from your daddy). And of course you love animals all animals! You say when you grow up you want to be a dance, a florist and a veterinarian. But whatever you decide to do I know you will be great at it because you are unbelievably smart! We are still working on riding you bike, you want to pedal backwards but love your scooter. And you love to shop if it is shopping for you...your favorite store is Justice!You also love TV and to go to the movies. Your favorite shows are Sponge bob Square pants and ICarly. I love you so much sweet girl and I am so proud to be your mommy and watch you grow and change in to an awesome Big girl!

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