Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sydney's First Camping Adventure

Our girl scout troop went camping this weekend on a fall camporee at The Homestead. This was our troop's first time camping and it was also the first time Sydney had been camping. The theme of the camping weekend was Camp Rocks. When we arrived on Friday night after parents dropped off and unpacked cars, we set up tents, well this was a learning experience for all because before this weekend I had no earthly idea how to set up a tent. After we got camp set up we hiked down to the lodge and watched High School Musical, the girls had a choice of walking down to see the move or going over to the stage and doing karaoke. Well I so wish I would have chosen the movie because this was over a mile walk thru the woods at night in the dark, and this Mommy was exhausted by the time we arrived at the lodge. After the movie we headed back to camp and settled in for the night. We did have some very tired little girls but a couple that were hard to settle down and finally go to sleep. We had three tents of girls and a tent of leaders. When we woke up on Saturday morning we all had breakfast together which consisted of cereal, pop tarts and muffins. After breakfast we headed up to the flag pole for our flag ceremony and then divided into groups according to age and rotated to the different stations. Stations were dancing, crafts where we made music instruments, sports and troop time at our campsite. At the end of the day we all went back to our campsites and prepared our dinner for the community supper where each troop prepared a meal and shared it with the other troops and then that evening we each did a skit and voted on winners. After this very busy day we are ready to lay our heads down om our sleeping bags !
The next morning it was flag ceremony and camp clean-up! It was a great weekend and many of our girls learned many new things! It was a great bonding time with the girls but we were all ready to pack up go home and SHOWER!!!

Early morning wake-up call!

Eating breakfast and about to start a very busy day!

Sweaty, HOT, and WET!!!!!

Sydney was in the yellow print bandanna group! It was a very hot day so we poured our water on us to keep cool!

This is usually the face you will see on Sydney when she gets hot, because she an AC lady like her Mommy! :)

All of our girls practicing their skit for the evening performance!

I love this girl so much!!!!

Making musical instruments because Camp ROCKS!!!! We made shaker cans with beans inside.

All the girls waiting to do their skit. Sydney has on the shirt they made, and I love my prepared little scout with her hat and flashlight!

We made smores around a real campfire! Yummy!!!!

Mrs. Wendy, our awesome leader is packing up camp!

Sydney eating breakfast and very ready to go home!

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