Friday, November 5, 2010

An awesome 1st nine weeks!

My sweet smart girl is excelling in school as always, we had her first parent/teacher conference and her teacher is amazed with Sydney's vocabulary and the "big" words she uses. And her reading is awesome! She is mastering all areas related with vocabulary, and reading high frequency words. She has no problem reading a story and explaining the meaning of the story. We are continuing to work on our Math and she goes to see "Mr. Eddie" a math remediation teacher every Tuesday morning. She received a math award and continues to receive reading awards....whenever you see Sydney she had a book in her hand and I am so proud that she is my little bookworm! Sydney I could not be more proud of you....She absolutely light up my day with your smile and your have an answer for every question and are never afraid to ask questions and I do not want you to change! Mrs. Collier let us know that Sydney has no problems in adjusting to the classroom she is extremely the point that it sometimes gets her in trouble! I continue to remind her to make good choices with her friends and make good choices about her behaviour but she has always been a talker and I think she always will be! But in my opinion I don't want her to change! She has never met a stranger and makes everyone she crosses path with feel comfortable at the first word and makes friends so easily with her outgoing behavior! Honey I am so proud of you! I love your little social butterfly self!

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