Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Annual trip to the Raleigh Christmas Parade

The Raleigh Christmas Parade is something that Sydney and I have shared together since she was 3years old. We go every year, find a great spot along Salisbury street, lug our chairs, blanket, breakfast, coffee, and toys to keep Sydney busy while we wait for the parade start. She always enjoys the parade except that it usually lasts around 2hours so she gets bored before it ends but because of all the people that attend every year we are pretty much stuck until it ends and they open up the streets again. I don't mind because I always love seeing all the pretty floats and decorations. Here are many pictures of some of the great floats and such that were in this years Raleigh Tradition Christmas Parade.

Excitedly waiting for the parade to start....nothing like a little DS game and some Pepsi to keep you occupied while you wait.

I loved the CDH angels because these are special babies that I help take care of at work.

One of the many "junk" items that they walk around enticing kids into wanting....But hey every one's gotta have a YoYo balloon right?

Gimme 5 Muddy!

Snoopy's Christmas Hot Dogs!

We always love when the Christmas Carol actors come thru and Scrooge comes Yelling to everyone Christmas is cancelled so leave....I hope one day we are able to go see this play together.

One of my favorite floats....the McDonald's Christmas Parade

Sydney's all time favorite Christmas character....The Grinch!

It doesn't get much better than that pretty smile!

This is always a favorite of Sydney's to see because of her Daddy's all time favorite love of Star Wars!

Sydney giving the big NC DOT Cone a Hug!

And now Santa has arrived so it is official.....Christmas will soon be here.....Santa Claus is coming to town!

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