Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we have always shared by having lunch with our family at "Uncle Tim's shop". Many years ago we used to always eat lunch at Rufie's house by spreading out tables in the living room but now we have gotten so big with all the great grandchildren that we have moved down to the shop. Every year it is tradition that we have fried turkey and baked ham and all the fixin's. And after we have all eaten all the kids go and play outside and get to take rides in Uncle Tim's red car! That is something that the kids have loved doing for years is having Uncle Tim pull them on the red car with the golf cart. Here are some pictures from our wonderful thanksgiving lunch with our loving family.

All the kids usually sit together and talk and pretend and fuss during lunch while the adults get to sit on the other end of the table and actually enjoy some adult time.

Yummy Chicken Pastry, turkey and stuffing!

Nothing like stuffing the face with Pumpkin Pie! This happens to be one of Sydney's favorite desserts!

Peyton is the driver of the cool red mustang! And Hunter and Gavin are ready to shoot anyone that comes near the car!

I love these two silly girls!!!!

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