Sunday, January 31, 2010

Losing those first teeth

On Tuesday January 26 2010, Sydney went to the dentist because she had a loose tooth. It was the bottom middle tooth. Over the weekend she was telling me that her tooth hurt when she tried to eat, so I told her let me see and low and behold, the tooth was loose!!! Well then she preceded to tell me that when PaPa took her to Mcdonalds she tried to open her toy bag and the tooth has been hurting since then. So then I was so worried that the tooth was loose because something was wrong not because it was time to be losing teeth so off the the dentist we went. When we went to the dentist, Sydney was a little worried because PaPa had told her they pull teeth with pliers....(Thanks PaPa). But the hygeniest came out and told me that actually Sydney has two loose teeth and they she didnt feel they would come out on their sydney was about to get two teeth pulled. The dental hygenist said that they put some paste on the area and then numb the area with novacaine, but I was so scared because I know how bad I had getting shots at the dentist. After about 30minutes, they came and got me and I went back and Sydney came thru the doorway with a big cotton in her mouth and two empty spaces....she was the bravest!!! She did not even cry!!! She kept saying, "my lip feels soft" and kept wanting to look at her teeth. So after all this I could not send her to school so we had a fun day and she was more than ready to go to bed, because she knew who was going to come!
That is the treasure chest with her teeth that she got from the dentist...
The special letter for the tooth fairy....
Asleep and waiting....
The gift from the tooth fairy...2 2dollar bills....

2nd Nine Week Math Award

Sydney recieved a math award this 2nd nine weeks for having an overall math average of 97 or above. I was so excited for her because last nine weeks her math average was a 85 because she was rushing thru her work to be the 1st to finish and was not completing her work. This nine weeks we greatly improved....we are still rushing thru our work but our grade has not suffered because of it. They have a math test every friday and sydney recieved a 100 on every test except one she recieved a 70 and they drop the lowest grade....So Way To Go Syd!!! I am one proud Mommy!!!!
Sydney waiting with her classmates for the ceremony to begin...
Sydney accepting her award and charm from Principal Eason

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Found a new park...

Sydney was out of school for some teacher workdays the week of Martin Luther Park and the weather was absolutely wonderful so we decided to venture out to a new park and found Laurel Hills Park in Raleigh. Sydney loved it because the park was made of wooden playhouses and tunnels and tires to climb on. We had a fabulous time and ended the day with a stop at Sydneys favorite "cookout" Hotdog plate...YYYUMMMYYY!!!
Sydney has never been a big climber and does not like heights at all, so she was not happy that I was taking a picture and not holding her hand to help get her across on the tires.
Trying to climb on the tires.

Higher Mommy...Higher....

Sydney found a lady with two little dogs and Sydney had to pay them a visit...

Taking a spin down the slide...

Sydney loved the tire swing the most...she wanted me to spin her round-n-round and as we took turns with other kids...she always came back for more bouncing and swinging.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Upward Cheer Event

I am so behind in posting about what has been going on with us this month but I am going to start with Sydneys first upward game was she was able to cheer her first game. She did so good, and I was so proud of her. Their were four quarters and each quarter lasted 4minutes so between each quarter there was a minute break where the cheerleaders would cheer for the crowd. And then at halftime they did a brief halftime cheer and then there was a devotion for everyone there. I was one proud mommy as I watched Sydney jump and cheer and chant.....
Here comes the lil roses cheerleaders...WHOO!!!
The girls getting loud as they welcome the basketball players
The girls sitting mid-court "watching the game"
Look at them girls cheer...What a good looking squad..(esp. the brunette in the middle..:))

Sydney getting her spirit star on her megaphone by her cheer coach Mrs. Betty

Enjoying some yummy goldfish and juice after cheering so hard.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Decade....New Year....Happy 2010

So I am a bit late in getting this out, but Sydney and I are so excited about starting a new year. 2009 was great for us....Sydney started Kindergarten, I went back to work at Duke full-time from the Peds ER at Wake, and I also went back at a 3-2 schedule which is awesome because it allows me so much more time to do things with my girl. Also in 2009 Sydney had her first dance recital, she was the prettiest ballarina ever, she also had her first girls sleepover for her 5th birthday, she jumped off the diving board for the 1st time after only 1week of swimming lessons and was the only one in her class that would jump. This past year has been an awesome year of firsts, but I know 2010 is going to be even better. Sydney will turn six this year, she keeps asking me when is she going to first grade and all her Mommy wants to do is bottle time, and She is also constantly asking when is she going to lose her first tooth because all her friends all lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy came to their house.

We have made many goals for our home this year as well as personal goals and I hope that we are able to achieve each of them.

They are for our home to be more frugal and stop eating out so much so we can SAVE MONEY! Also our home is going on a diet/exercise least Mommy is hitting it hard anyway..I have a 30lb goal by Sydneys 6th birthday, And our last goal is for Sydney and I to become more involved in church, My schedule at work has not really allowed for us to become active in church and I really want to work to change that this year.

So friends and family that is us in a nutshell getting ready for the new year.....Happy New Year everyone and Hope everyone has a blessed year!