Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Ready For Kindergarten

Well, it has now come the time to prepare myself and my little one for kindergarten....She is ready to jump in with both feet, but mommy is struggling a bit. You know it shouldn't be much different, she has been in preschool for the last two years, but I think it is the fact that she is now REALLY in school and when we want to stay home to just hang out, well can't exactly do that!

We went to Kindergarten open house on thursday August 20 to see sydneys classroom and meet sydneys teacher, Ms Phipps. I was really nervous about Ms Phipps in the beginning, but I know that God has placed Ms Phipps into Sydneys life for a reason and will be a blessing this year in guiding her through her first year of kindergarten. Mommy and Daddy both took sydney to open house and she was ecstatic, I think her favorite thing was the water fountain in the hall...(she loves to play in water and flowers)....

At Bunn Elementary, they do staggered enrollment for kindergartners, so about 4-5 kids from Sydneys class will go for a half day each day the first week of school. Sydneys first day was August 25. She went from 9-2. She had a blast, but was exhausted when I picked her up. The night before, I let Sydney pack all her school supplies, and we talked about kindergarten and reviewed Ms Phipps rules, and then it was time for bed and she was actually ready because she knew what was waiting in the morning!!!

The next morning when she woke up we took lots of pictures, but Sydney just wanted to GO!!! She was so excited!!!

When I took her to school, I was the parent that made my child walk through the wet grass to stand in front of the school sign to take pictures. Now sydney was not quite so excited, because you see she hates wet grass.....Says, "it messes up her toenails"! So we cleaned her shoes and off we went!!!! I was so proud of her she went in sat at her desk and was ready to start her day!!!

When I picked her up, she had a wonderful day!!!! They did test's (as sydney says), and she showed them she knows her letters, phonics, can write her name, her colors and shapes and can sound out some words!. They got to eat in the cafeteria, She loves to eat and eating in the cafeteria was that much better.

Her class also went to the bus area to all get on a bus and review bus safety. Sydney now knows if there is an accident on the bus, you exit out the back door of the bus!

When mommy picked her up, we went for a tour of the school.....I was so ready to go pick her up because I missed her so much!!!! Also the teacher let the parents know that Sydney and Michaela ( a little girl at her table) have no trouble talking with others, in fact their may have to be a table change....that's my girl, Social Butterfly!

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