Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy 5 Ranch

What a fun day......Sydney and her two sweet friends Haley and Emma came over for a sleepover and were so excited because they knew that when we all woke up the next day....WE WERE GOING ON A SAFARI!!!! We headed out really, really early in the AM, and headed to Mooresville, NC to the Lazy 5 Ranch. It was a really long, ride with lots of potty breaks in between, but finally we made it and we took down the back seats, pulled up the hatch and we were ready to feed.....

Sydney loves all the animals except for the ostriches...She had the chance to feed cows, giraffes, deer, Texas Longhorns, and zebras....It was awesome!!! Sydney loves animals so she had a blast until she turned her head and one of the ostriches grabbed her food....That made her very unhappy!~!!!

Our two sweet friends, Haley and Emma needing some warming up after the first round around the safari they were ready to try this thing out!!!

After the safari ride we went and had a picnic and played on the swings and slide.

It was an awesome day......But very, very needless to say these three amigas were ready for some ac and a nap!!!! We had a great time with great friends!!!!

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  1. oh i love love love lazy five!
    we took our kids last year, and it was awesome!!!

    i'm glad sydney had fun!!