Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten 9-1-09

Kindergarten Here I come!!!

Well, the day is here.......time to send Sydney off to kindergarten. She was of course sooooo excited!!! Before going to bed the night before, she did not want to get her bath, she needed to do it in the morning so that she would be able to fix her hair. We woke up took a bath, straitened her hair, put on her pretty dress, ate breakfast, and away we went; but not after taking lots of pictures, and me hearing several times, this is the last one Mommy!!

When we got to school we had to stand in the long line with all the other parents to check in and walk their child to class. So by this time, the bell has rung and now my child is tardy. Well, I was not worried about the tardy part, but was concerned that I would not have time to take pictures in the classroom because they would be beginning class. So when we got to Sydneys classroom, the students were beginning to go to the cafeteria for breakfast, but Ms Phipps did let me get a quick picture of Sydney with her teacher.

And then mommy went to the car.......AND CRIED ALL THE WAY HOME!!! I was so sad, but yet so excited for her and proud all at the same time!!!

When I picked her up from school I could not wait to hear all about her day. She was so excited and said, "she had a great day". She said, "had chicken salad and watermelon and chocolate milk for lunch", and she went to art class and learned to not break the crayons and to put the tops on the markers when you use them.

They played outside and she said, "I have two friends, Brooks and Ashely, Brooks is a boy and well mommy you know Ashley", really I don't but just glad she is making friends and having fun! And she says, "I stayed on green all day, that means I was good", so I told her for all the days you stay on green I will give you a quarter, she says " I would rather you give me dollars for all the days I stay on green", so we agreed she will get a dollar for all the days she stays on green but if she loses her green fish then she has to give a dollar back! And she is excited and I am excited that she kept all her fish because I was REALLY WORRIED ABOUT THAT....She loves to talk and talk and talk.

I am so proud of Sydney and her first day of kindergarten. She had a great time and was exhausted when she got home, there was no arguing bedtime tonight, and WOOHOO, we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

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