Friday, July 30, 2010

A great museum day

Sydney and I have always loved venturing out to different museums. So we decided today to visit The Museum of History and the Museum of Natural History in downtown Raleigh. I love how Sydney is very inquisitive and loves to read all the signs to find out more information about each exhibit and asks lots and lots of questions. She enjoyed the Science museum much more than the History Museum because she enjoys the hands on activities.

Enjoying some of the activities in the hands on room in the History Museum about colonial times. They had games like the children played back in the colonial days and they also had books about George Washington that we read together and some pieces that they used to cook on.

This in the Sports Memorabilia exhibit room at the History Museum. We looked at the Nascar cars there because PaPa is a big race fan and even though Sydney does not care for it, she has been introduced to it because it invades her TV time when PaPa must have the TV to watch the race.

We love to see the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural Science....but one of our favorite places at the Museum is the Butterfly house.

They had a discovery room for kids where they could touch and feel lots of shells from animals, had some stuffed animals and Sydney always finds a way to entertain herself no matter where we go, so this is her putting on a show with the animals she found.

When I look at this picture the first thing that comes to my mind is..."Oh are getting so big now" because I am months behind on my blog so this picture is like 6months old and she seems so grown now compared to this picture....Makes me so sad! I miss my little baby but am so proud of where you are going now!

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