Friday, December 11, 2009

Disney "Celebrations" on ice

Last night, Sydney and I went to Disney on ice at RBC center. This has actually become a tradition for us, we go every year in December and it gets better every year. This years event was about all the different celebrations that go on throughout the year all over the world. We saw Happy Birthday to Mickey, Halloween and all the Disney "villains", Valentines Day, spring in Japan, Mardi Gras, Carnival in Brazil, and the closer of the show was Christmas with Toy Story. It was such a great show, and we of course had to buy a light, because we have 4 at home, but the guy walked past us yelling, "Get your light, Get your Tinkerbell Ice" (for 15 dollars). Parents cant catch a break at these events......But the smile on Sydney's face as she spilled purple icee on us and spun her mickey light during the show was PRICELESS!

Happy Birthday Mickey!~!!

Minnie found her fairy godmother....Happy Valentines Day Minnie....

Minnie found her prince.....

Princess Tiana...

Spring in Japan:

Mardi Gras Celebration:

Who Let The Toys Out?????

The Christmas Celebration:

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