Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our First Parade

This past Sunday, Sydney was in the Zebulon Christmas Parade. She was so excited because it was her first time being in a parade, and her first time riding on a float. The entire morning before it was time to go, she continued asking how much longer mommy, and what was she suppose to do on the float. I told her that she needed to wave to everyone on the streets and jingle her bells and sing her songs, but when she rolled by she was sitting staring at everyone but when i screamed her name from the street I got the sweetest, biggest smile ever!!! As the float rolled by, I was to begin walking down the street to the pickup point at the armory, and let me just say it was a hike!!! But when i got there and picked up my sweet girl, she was so excited to tell me how much fun she had and everyone she saw on the street and on her float!! After I picked her up we headed back up the street to finish watching the parade, but my little bit was more concerned about when was lunch than where is i surprised???? :)

Hey Frosty!!!

There is my sweet smiling girl!!! Hey Sydney you are suppose to be jingling those bells that are i your lap....:)

Sydney's favorite Santa in the parade...yes she loves the grinch!!!

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