Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lovin' slipping and sliding

Friday night Sydney and I went ice skating with Serena, Sydneys cousin. We went to the outdoor rink downtown Raleigh in city plaza. It was suppose to be set up as a "mini Rockefeller plaza". It was a frigid evening, so sydney and I met Serena and went to dinner at Chili's (Sydneys choice) and then headed downtown. The streets were lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and the town was buzzing with people enjoying the lights and brisk air. When we got to the rink (a very small rink) Sydney and Serena got their skates and headed to the rink. Getting Sydney to walk on the skates was a challenge. It took her about 1 1/2 laps to somewhat get the hang of ice skating and after a few tumbles she was ready to try solo. Her famous words of the night were "1 foot, 2 foot, SLOW". She was precious and had such a wonderful time, but I think her favorite part of the night was touching the ice, she was amazed by it. We are so thankful to Serena for taking Sydney out on the ice so Mommy could take pictures. We love Serena, she is just like Sydneys sister.....Double Divas!!!

Thanks Serena for such an awesome night!!
Bundled and ready to go!
Mom what have you got me into???

Not quite ready to let go of the rail....

One of the many tumbles of the night, hence, the soaking pants!

I absolutely LOVE THIS SMILE!

Sydney is ready to skate solo!

Sydney had to touch the ice...I think she enjoyed falling down, just to touch the ice...

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