Monday, December 21, 2009

Jingle Bell Rock.....

Sydney had her Christmas party at dance class last Tuesday night. It was the only time during the year other than the recital that parents are allowed to come in and observe, so me being the "involved" person that I am was SO EXCITED! I was ready with camera in hand! The girls did some dances to Christmas songs and then afterwards had some Christmas goodies. It was so precious and I love these memories because it always makes me think that Sydney will not always be young like this and I want to take all this in while I can.....Because Sydney you are your Mommy's heart!!!!!!!!

Sydney hopping...I mean skippin....Love her!! Don't worry baby...we will practice our skipping...:)

The old-time Massey tradition of skip around the circle....Who shall I choose???

Yummy Cupcakes!!!!

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