Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrate the Journey

This year was Massey School of Dance celebrated 50years of dance...hence the theme of their recital was Celebrate the Journey that they have gone down over the last 50years. It was probably one of the best recitals around and featured alumni dancing from previous years as wells as a special dance from "Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Eddie". This was Sydneys first year dancing at Massey but it has been very special since I also danced here for a few years when I was growing up....but Mommy was not going to strut her stuff on the dance during the alumni dance! Sydneys tap dance this year was Elvis Presley's "Teddy Bear". It was so cute and it always brings tears to my eyes when I see Sydney on stage....because each year affirms more and more how big she is getting. And I am so very proud of her! Sydney you always shine...and Mommy loves you so much!!

Sydney in her sparkly Teddy Bear costume....adorned with a must from Massey School of Dance.....Red Lipstick!

Getting Ready for the Big Night!!

Don't you just love all my pretty curls!!!

I am not quite sure about this one except maybe she is showing off her pretty makeup????

Let the show begin....Hang a chain around your neck....Let me be your little teddy bear!!!

Did she do awesome or what!!! Way to go Baby girl!!! I love you and will always be so proud of you!

For the finale, each dancer walks across the stage and says there name and receives a star....another Massey Tradition!

Act I Finale....I love you....You Love me...we are a happy family!!! So Sweet!!!

Every great dancer needs lots of flowers for a job well done!

Mrs. Debbie....reading all about Massey School of Dance being a school of tradition!

Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Eddie doing a little rendition of Patrick Swayze from Dirty awesome way to end the show!

Sydney and Emerson!!!

One Super Duper tired girl......ready to go home....But what an awesome job she did!!!! Until Next Year!!

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