Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to the Joel Lane House

Our latest Daisey Scout event that we attended was Daisey Scout day at the Joel Lane Museum in Raleigh. This is the home of Joel Lane, "Father of Raleigh". He was named the father of Raleigh because he gave the land to build the capital city on back in 1792 and his plantation home is now a historic site in Raleigh. We had a great time, we made a home made doll, learned how to write with a feather pen using sand and real ink as well as learn an old dance the Virginia reel. We had docents that showed us around the home and told us every thing about how they cooked in an old fashioned kitchen to how they slept on "ticks" (mattress), and we learned where the phrase sleep tight came from. Sydney also got a laugh out of how they would keep pots under the bed if they had to go to the bathroom during the night, and didn't want to go outside. We finished up the day with earning the Joel Lane museum patch to go on the back of our Daisey jacket.

The girls picking the yarn for the hair and the fabric for the body of their colonial dolls.

This is how they hauled water back in the colonial days....the buckets were empty or she may not have been able to carry it.

The girls learning about the spinning wheel in the colonial kitchen inside Joel Lanes home.

Partnered up to dance to the Virginia reel with violin player and all...

This is the docent teaching the girls how to play a colonial game called "Graces". They had to toss the ring off of the sticks and the partner was to catch the ring on her pair of sticks....a very difficult game to play.

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