Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lets go Strawberry Pickin'

Today Sydney, Hunter and I went in search of some of the best strawberries around. We headed to Vollmer farm to pick strawberries and play on the farm, unfortunately it was about 90degrees but we still had fun. Sydney and Hunter enjoyed playing on the pumpkin princess diva plane and swinging on the horse swing and then they rode in the wagon while I pulled them down to the strawberry patch and then they each picked there very own bucket of strawberries to take home. Oh I almost forgot, the day started out with some of the best homemade ice cream, Farmer Johns homemade chocolate ice cream...YUMMY! We had a great time and I can't wait till strawberry season next year and I can pick strawberries with my favorite two little people again.

Man that is some of the best chocolate ice cream ever....See I like it so good, I decided to wear some of it home!

I think Hunter enjoyed the swings the best...his smile is priceless!


They loved the plane because they could both be the pilot, and every time they pulled the steering wheel towards them the tail of the plane would flap.....So they just kept pulling and pushing the wheel.....the loved this!

This was a workout pulling both of these kids out to the strawberry patch!

One of the only strawberries I could get her to eat in the field.....She was very determined to pick big "organic strawberries" as she called them to take home!

My little fella Hunter loved eating all the big strawberries and only putting a few in his basket!

Looking very hard for the red ones!

The finished product!

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