Thursday, November 5, 2009

End of first Nine weeks.....

Today was report card day, and I had already had the parent/teacher conference with Mrs. Phipps to review Sydneys report card on Tuesday. Let me start by saying that I am SO PROUD of Sydney and all that she has accomplished this nine weeks. When she started school back in september she was really struggling with her behavior because she is very chatty and she was pretty on purple at least every other day. And she was always having to fish because of talking or playing in class or in the line. Well, over the last month sydney is on green most days and sometimes yellow thrown in there but for the week she at least has 3-5 greens. And this is HUGE for Sydney.

Sydney recieved all S's in areas of math such as matching number sets, counting to 30 and describing likenesses and differences of objects in the environment.

In reading she in on a level 2, and they need to be on level 6 by the end of the year, but level 2 is where the teacher said she should be. She also knows all the letters of the alphabet, can write most of them and knows all of their sounds.

Some big things that we have to work on are the fact that Sydney is rushing thru her work wanting to be the first to finish and then she is making mistakes, hence why her math average was 85. Mrs. Phipps said she started off great and then began rushing and not completing her work correctly so therefore it brought her average down. Sydney knows her colors and her shapes.

Her strengths on her report card were her letter/number recognition, letter sounds and overall a good student. She needs improvement in her work habits and continuing to work on her reading.

I am so proud of her!!

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