Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

What a wonderful Halloween the Spanish Princess has had...We started the weekend off with going with some besties to a fall festival at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Sydney had a wonderful time playing the games and came home with an insane amount of candy, that she will probably never eat. Sydneys favorite game at the festival was bobbing for apples and the cake walk. She went bobbing for apples twice because she said she needed to get an apple to take home for PaPa. And when walking on the cake walk, the music stopped and they called her number and she won and was so excited she ran up to the table and grabbed this plate of colorful cupcakes and she was so proud of what she had won.
Doing a little beanbag toss, Sydney was so good at the games.....she would play the game, and get the candy and take off for the next booth.

Sydney with her "12 cupcakes" that she won from the cake walk...when her number was called she ran up to the table and snatched this box because she had been eyeing the brightly colored cupcakes.

Sydney bobbing for apples, this was the first time that she had done this and she loved this game...

On Saturday we started the day early with going with our besties again to another fall festival, we were a little concerned because the day started off raining and muddy, but after a little prayer, it turned out to be a beautiful day. We played more games and played on the inflatables and ate a great lunch. Sydneys favorite was the big inflatable slide and the "finding a needle in a haystack game" which was lots of hay bales with some colorful toothpicks in them that the kids could find and get treats.

Sydney finding a needle in a haystack, she like this game so much that we played it twice.

After the fall festival we had to go and get ready to go to Jacksons 1st birthday party/costume party. We had to get another costume because after 2 fall festivals, one which was outside and a little muddy, we needed to retire the Spanish Princess. So Sydney decided she wanted a Wonder Woman costume. So the Super hero was off to party and play with her cousins, and we had a wonderful time. And after the birthday party we went and did a little trunk-a-treating and got more candy....

My little Super Hero...

The cowboy, wonder woman, and Cinderella spinning on the tire swing.

Sydney excited about her candy at the trunk-a-treat, and ready for next trunk.

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