Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Out to the Movies

Today is veterans day so we spent the day going to see Disney Christmas Carol and then out to lunch at Mello Mushroom with some great friends. It is such a rainy and messy day, so it was nice to spend such a yucky day at the movies. Sydney must always have her "chocolate crunch" when we go to the movies and I always get popcorn that she eats. The movie was in 3D and it was great. I really enjoyed it but there were many parts there were scary for sydney. But all in all I think she enjoyed it. I love these mommy-n-me days, they are the BEST!!

Sydney is ready with popcorn and buncha crunch and Mr. about an energy rush... and Savannah is not so sure about this move thing....

Everyone get your glasses on....

We went and had pizza at Mello Mushroom, one of our favorites! What a great day!!

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