Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun Day at Hill Ridge Farms

Sydney had a teacher workday and what better way to spend a day out of school than on the farm with great girlfriends and a boy. Sydney loves Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, she loves the slide, the train and feeding the animals and the fish. The weather was perfect and we were able to have a picnic lunch with our friends. Here are some well, alot of pictures from our fun day.

Sydney zipping down the tunnel slide, Mommy even took a turn on the slide for the first time ever.

Sydney and Katie coming down the slide together, and they would come down the slide and climb back up, over and over over!

The corn box is another one of Sydneys favorites....she even found some friends in the corn box that buried her in corn.....and she LOVED This!!! Even though when we went to the potty, a bucket of corn poured out of our pants.....

The girls on the train screaming.....and they were little loud for sweet Cameron's ears...But three excited little girls are suppose to be loud right??

This is the hay jump....it is basically a trampoline made of hay!

My little princess outside of her tee pee!

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