Saturday, June 26, 2010

1st Girl Scout Camp Experience

Sydney had an absolute blast at girl scout camp this week. It was her first real "camp experience", even though it was only day camp, she was there all day every day doing "camp activities". Even with the increasing temperatures throughout the week, it was still great , but definitely toward the end of the week with the temperature over 100degrees, Sydney was growing tired of camp and only wanted to stay home in the air condition. Each day they did different activities. On Tuesday they did archery, which was Sydneys first time shooting a bow-an-arrow. She loved it!!!! She said, "mommy I shot it 4times in the black, and I did it all by myself, and it was alot of fun." I wish I could have been there to see it but I was volunteering all week in the arts and crafts area so I was not able see her do alot of the activities, but we did get to eat lunch together each day. On Monday and Wednesday they went on a nature hike, and this was probably sydneys least favorite activity, because anyone that knows my Sydney knows that walking in 100degrees is definitely not her thing, walking is not her thing either, but she did see some exciting things on their hike. She told me they saw hatched turtle eggs, a beaver, a craw fish, and they learned what poison oak looked like and about poisonous snakes.

Their schedule each day began with the flag ceremony and after the flag ceremony they had unit time in their tree house where they learned camp songs and made bead bracelets. After unit time they had pool time. There 3or4 small pools set up for the girls to splash in and stay cool and some slip-n-slides set up to play in. Each activity lasted 45minutes and then they would move to their next scheduled activity. After pool they went to sports where they played kickball and did some other water games and also had their snack. After sports was lunch. After lunch they had their nature hike, which was tough at 1:00pm and it was so hot!!! After the hike they had arts and crafts where they worked on making picture frames, did sand art, and made sun catchers. On the last day we had a program where each unit sang a camp song together or did a skit and each camper received a bag that contained their patches as well as the swaps that each unit made for each other.

This is Sydney with her PA's (personal aide), Mrs. Lexie, and Mrs. Corrine.

This is all the campers at the beginning of the day heading to their tree house to put away their bags and start their day.

Sydney and Isabelle at the arts and crafts activity.....notice the red face...this is after Sydney's first nature hike ever!

Sydney loves arts and crafts or anything that involves drawing or paint.

Nothing better than a great peach for lunch!

Heading in with water bottle by the side.....this was her best friend for the is the item that you never leave home without!

This is Sydney reading for her first flag ceremony...she is telling the color guards when to salute and when the girl scout need to say the pledge of allegiance.

Sydney developed a UTI at the end of the week and was unable to participate in the overnight sleepover so we had our own campout at home. We made a tent out of blankets and ate smores and hot dogs for supper. Sydney loved this!

Splish-Splash water fun!!! Sydney loved the sprinklers.

Yummy Snack Time!

Sydney and her buddy Sienna

Sydney and the girls in her unit singing their camp song...I like bananas.

The girls receiving their award bag.

Sydney received an award for being the funnest....(I think that was the PA's way of saying the one with the most to say and the one that is the most wide open all the her....she is just like her mommy)

This was the picture everyday in the car before we got even 2miles down the is amazing what a little air condition and a relaxing car ride can do.

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