Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We went to a new puppet theater today, it is called Kazzoom and every month they do a different story and they allow the kids to dress up and help out with the story. This was our first time there, and we had a lot of fun. The story was The Red Hen, and it was about a princess (my Sydney) who was going down the street in a carriage and the carriage fell over and the hen asked if she could have some supplies to help make some bread and the princess said Yes so the hen took the ingredients back to the farm and asked the other animals to help make the bread, and they all said NO. So when the Red Hen had finished the bread all the animals asked if they could have some and then the red hen said no, because they did not help with the chores.....this is from Sydney, because I couldn't remember what the story was about because it is about one month later I am typing this post.....But my little girl with an incredible memory remembered all about the story!

My princess talking in the microphone and she acts in the play.

Mrs. Polly helping Sydney with her lines.....

I think she is really enjoying the stage!!!

Puppets helping us sing an Australian Old McDonald farm song

Sydney giving Mrs. Peggy a hug at the end of the show....

We loved the show Mrs. Polly and Mrs. Peggy and can't wait to go back next month my little princess wants to be the mermaid in the show!

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