Saturday, June 26, 2010

1st Swim Meet

Our first swim meet that we were able to attend was an away meet against the Granite Falls Gators. Sydney was very excited about swimming but also a little tired because she had been at girl scout day camp all day. She did very well. She was little sad because she said, "Mommy i am very slow and i always finish last" but she is the only one on her team in her age level that didn't swim last year. At the beginning practices her coaches were constantly on her about kicking and she would kick some and then stop midway and begin to doggie paddle, so once she got her kicking going it was getting so much better from there. She did awesome at the meet.
She placed 4th place in breast stroke and 6th place in freestyle and received participant ribbon in backstroke because she was in a heat for that particular stroke.

There is my girl, swimmer #4 dressed and ready to have them EAT HER BUBBLES!!!!!
Warm-up laps
Off the block and away she goes!
Kick baby girl Kick!!! Freestyle swim
Sydney doing back stroke..........

Swimmers: Take your Mark!
GO SYDNEY GO!!!!! Breastroke Heat!
Is that some awesome backstroke or what???
She could not be more proud of her first ribbon and neither could I!

Sydney, Mommy is so very proud of how well you did.......You are my little fish in water!

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