Sunday, June 13, 2010

End of Year Report Card

I am so very proud of Sydney for her accomplishments this past year in kindergarten. We received her report card on the last day of school and I wanted to add the areas that she did so well in and all of the many things she has learned this past year in kindergarten.

In the first area of her report card: Work Habits and Social Skills, she received satisfactory in areas such as accepts authority and obeys willingly, listen and follows-one and two step directions and working well with others and following classroom/school rules and routines and using learning centers and materials appropriately. She received Needs Improvement taking time to do best work and having acceptable attention span during discussion and stories and demonstrating self control. The area of self-control and having acceptable attention span and doing best work are areas that we have struggled with all year but we hope for better success in those areas in 1st grade.

In Math she received satisfactory in counting, knowing the days of the weeks, months and seasons, arranging numerals in order, sorting, and creating graphs, and recognizing likeness and differences of objects in the environment . She received needs improvement in matching numbers to sets and estimating quantities fewer than or equal to 30.

In physical development she received needs improvement in knowing her telephone number but received satisfactory in knowing her age, address, and birth date.

In communication skills she received satisfactory in using complete sentences, reciting nursery rhymes and poems, arranging events in a sequences, saying alphabet in sequence, and being able to dictate simple sentences and illustrate the sentences. She received needs improvement
in writing her first, middle, and last name. She also received a satisfactory plus in using sound to write words.

She is able to write all the letters in uppercase and lowercase but did receive some unsatisfactory due to rushing when writing letters. She recognizes all her shapes and colors.

I am so excited that Sydney blew her end of year assessments out of the water...she did so well on her end of year reading, end of year math, and math summative. She received EOY reading 118/121, EOY Math 54/57, and math summative 23/29 scores and I am most proud of Sydney for her reading level, she is on a level 14, which you only had to have a level of 6 to finish kindergarten and 18 to finish 1st grade.

Baby girl, you are awesome and I am so proud of you on the work that you have done this last year.....And Congratulations.....You are on your way to 1st grade!

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