Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brother Fun at Wet-n-Wild

Sydney, Little Victor, and I went for our annual trip to Wet-n-Wild Water Park. It was our first time taking Vic with us but Sydney was in absolute heaven because she just loves her brother to pieces. I was excited to take Sydney since she had been swimming all summer I knew that she would love this even more because she would be able to come down the slide and I would feel much more at ease knowing that she could swim and be safe. She was still a little too short to do the large slides but there was one slide that she did so many times where Vic would take her float to the top of the ramp for her and then she would hop on and come down on the tube. We did the Lazy river, but that is one of Sydney's least favorites because she gets bored with just sitting on the tube and slowly going around. We also did the wave pool which she absolutely loved, and as the day went on I decided to let her get closer to the wall which was like a whirlpool effect when the wave would come. She wanted me to let her go so that she could spin around and around all by herself, she did have a life jacket on but her Mommy was just not ready for that quite yet. She also enjoyed swimming out to the pirate ship, climbing up and then jumping off into the deep water. All in all it was such a wonderful day and we both can't wait until next year when we get to go again!

You can't tell that she is in awe of having her brother with her for the day can you??

Getting ready to make the plunge

Playing briefly in the kiddie pool...I am loving the pink goggles....:)

Victor walking her up the walkway getting ready to do the slide again......

Doing a little swimming.....showing off her skills to us....

Taking a break to enjoy some REALLY GOOD Funnel Cake....Has to be chocolate with cherries and powdered sugar...the messier the better!

This was Sydney's favorite ride at the park....I bet she went up and down 6 or 7 times...of course she had her personal assistant to carry her tube....all she had to do was hop on and enjoy the ride, and boy did she ever enjoy it!

Put Your Hands UP.....Put Your Hands Up!!!!

Another memory made with the one that holds my heart......And seeing smiles like this one makes the drive, the sun, and everything worth it! I love you Baby Girl!

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