Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zebulon Dolphins vs. Lakemont Torpedos

Another great swim meet!! Sydney is getting better and better at every meet. At this meet Daddy came to cheer his baby on and she did awesome! She is getting so much better at her kicking and continuing on kicking until she reaches the end. She is awesome at the breast stroke...it seems to be one of her best strokes, and backstroke she is still working on...sometimes she gets going crooked...but is so cute!!! She is her Mommy's little fish!!!
Here are a bunch of pictures from our meet....:)

And she is off the block!!!!

Freestyle swim!!! Go Baby Go!!!

Under the rope....and she is done!!! Taking 6th place in Freestyle!!! I am so proud of your accomplishment baby!

Backstroke swim!! The thing that happened with this race that has never happened before, is when the judge said on your mark, Go...Sydney didn't hear the announcer and is still standing on the block when everyone else jumped in to swim......Even with all this she still did great!!!

And to the rope....taking 4th place in backstroke.....I am so proud of you Baby Girl!!!

Breast stroke swim...On your mark.....

Froggy legs....

Took home Participant in the Main for Breast stroke

Sydney you did so well at this meet and I am so proud of you!!! You make me smile each every day with everything you do!!!

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