Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hollywood Extravaganza

This was our second year at dance camp and this year's theme was Hollywood Extravaganza and upon drop off there was a red carpet for her to walk. They spent the three days learning different dance types such as jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and clogging. I think Sydney enjoyed Hip Hop the most. The first day at camp they danced, made a craft and had a snack. On the 2nd day they dance for a bit and then headed to the pool. And on the last day they danced and prepared for the parent presentation where they would dress up in their fancy Hollywood attire and strut their stuff. Sydney had they cutest costume and she was the first to walk thru the door and set the stage and she came out with a bang strutting her stuff and doing her sassy walk! They did their dance and all the parents clapped and cheered and then we enjoyed some snacks and headed home. Sydney had a great week despite dealing with a very snobby child, but all in all, she loved camp and says she can't wait until next summer.

Here She Comes: Hollywood Watch out!!!!

She is definitely the cutest Superstar that I have ever seen....despite the white hanger that is hanging out of her dress that drives me crazy!

Check out that Hip Shake!

The Hollywood Extravaganza Superstars

Sydney and Mallori Darnell her friend from Dance Camp

Her Craft box that she made at Camp to use for her makeup for recital

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