Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Sydney and I spent 4th of July at Atlantic Beach. We just went down for the day to play in the water, go to the aquarium, and go on a harbour cruise to see fireworks. We had lots of fun. When we got the beach, Sydney instantly made a friend that she played with in the waves for a couple of hours, then we had a picnic on the beach. The tide was coming in, so the waves were really rough and Syd kept getting knocked down by the waves. After the tide really started coming in to shore and we were getting a little burnt, well OK, maybe Mommy was the one getting a little burnt, we decided to head to the aquarium. At the aquarium we watched the divers in the shark tank and also Sydney really enjoyed touching the hermit crabs and stingrays. Sydneys favorite exhibit at the aquarium is watching the otters play in their tank. After spending some time at the aquarium we decided to go have some really yummy seafood at Sanitary Restaurant down on the waterfront. After eating we walked along the waterfront and watched the fishing boats unload their catch of the day. That was really exciting, Sydney was in awe of the big fish. After all of this it was time to go and relax on the boat ride...As Sydney said, "This is my first boat ride Mommy,". We loved the boat ride, it took us all around the sound of morehead city and on to Beaufort to see the wild horses and some of the many big yachts docked at Morehead and then we came back and anchored to wait for the fireworks. We had the best spot because we could see fireworks at Atlantic Beach, and Morehead City from the boat. But the ones at Morehead were awesome....they were exploding right over the boat and Sydney was in awe of all the beautiful colors.

Playing in the water......

Sand beneath those sweet little toes.....

Ready and waiting for the big wave to come

HEY MOMMY!!! That wave almost knocked me down!!!!

I got this Mommy.....those waves aren't going to get me this time!!!!

We left the hot sun and rough water for a little relaxing among the fishies.....


Touching the Hermit Crabs......

Sydney standing in front of the boat that we went out on for the fireworks cruise...that was "Sydney's first boat ride ever"
A very yummy diner at Sanitary Fish Market of my favorites because was also a place that I went as a child with my family. It was also nice to watch the boats dock and bring in their catch of the day.

The wild horses that we saw on Carrot island.

This Popsicle was Yum...Yum...Good, on a very Hot day!

Sydney loved watching the boat make waves.....

An absolute Gorgeous sunset....and I love the picture above with the sun set shadowing on sydneys face......

Happy 4th of July!!!!

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