Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swim Team Awards Banquet

This summer Sydney has been swimming on the Swim Team at Zebulon Country Club. This was her first time competing in a sport but she has always loved the water and I wanted her to stay active this summer, so what better than joining a swim team. I must say as the summer went on she became tired of the daily practices and her coaches did work her very hard but it was worth it because she learned some great swiming skills. She is able to freestyle across the pool, learned the backstroke, and the breaststroke which I think was her favorite. She also received her first award, a plaque that she can add plates to for each year that she swims. I am so very proud of how she did this summer, she improved at every meet....and I could not have been more proud to be the one cheering her on!

Zebulon Dolphins 2010

Getting called to pick up her plaque from Coach Melissa and Coach Josh

Coach Melissa and Coach Josh, I think Sydney enjoyed Ms. Melissa a little more because Mr. Josh really worked her....but he wanted her to succeed!

After the banquet we had a cookout and then all the players got to enjoy some time playing in the pool.

Sydney getting ready to get tossed in the swim cap....

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