Saturday, July 10, 2010

A visit to Carolina Tiger Rescue topped off by a little Crabtree shopping

So Sydney and I decided to take an adventure trip to the Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro. I knew Sydney would love this place because she absolutely LOVES animals. We went for a morning tour and hoping that it would not be too terribly hot and it was great! Before the tour the guide told us all about how many of the cats end up at this rescue by people ordering this animals as babies and keeping them as pets and then when they become too big for them they just dump them off and the Carolina Tiger Rescue takes in these animals and cares for them. He also told us to beware on our walk because some of these big tigers spray so if you see them lift their tales take a few steps to the side. And surely when we go to see the first big cat he sprays and yes, I was in the way....Out of this trip, this is one of the most things Sydney remembers. She thought this was very funny and that the cat spray smelled like Frito chips was even funnier to her! Here are some pictures of all the pretty animals we saw while on our trip.

This tiger is eating a chicken that had been left for him for breakfast.

I thought this was the prettiest animal at the rescue, a white tiger.

After our visit to the rescue we then stopped off at Crabtree Valley mall for Sydney to do a little shopping, normally Sydney does not like to shop unless she is getting the opportunity to do some shopping for herself, and today we made a stop at Build-a-bear, Disney store, and a little Justice shopping.

Rubbing the heart on her ear so that her bear will always listen to her

Giving the heart a kiss so that her special bear will know how much her loves her!

Giving her bear a special brush and bath

The finished product, her bear ready for the beach.

We had such a great day, a trip to the Carolina Tiger Rescue, shopping, lunch at Cheesecake Factory and memories made with the one that holds my heart....A perfect day!

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