Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt with Sydneys Classmates

This week I had the enjoyment of going to Sydneys kindergarten easter egg hunt with her classmates. I jump at the chance to attend any event that Sydney has at her school because I am so thankful to have a job that allows me the flexibility of participating with Sydney at her school, and thankfully she is still at an age where she always wants mommy at school. My heart truely dreads the day where Mommy is an embarrassment at school....so for now I jump at the chance to volunteer with Sydneys class. It was so much fun watching all the children fun and find eggs, some really had the game down and where grabbing as many eggs as they could find, and my Sydney was looking for "pretty eggs", and opening eggs to find they were all empty!! The goal was for the children to find eggs and then we went back into the classroom and the children practiced counting all their eggs and when the numbers were writtin on the chalkboard they had to look at the numbers to see which number was the largest to know who found the most eggs.

Here are some pictures from the egg hunt:

Choosing her prizes from the prize box....pencils and erasers!

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