Monday, April 12, 2010

Sydneys First Field Day

This year was Sydneys first field day in kindergarten. Field day is basically a day for the children to spend lots of time outside playing games, playing different sports, and doing relay races. I was so thankful to be able to go and share in the time with Sydney and her friends because it was so fun to watch these kids "race" each other and for many of these children it was the first time they have participated in some of these types of races. Some of the relays that they offered were water races, jump rope, sack races, Frisbee toss, 50-yard dash, and finished off with a cool Popsicle treat. Below are LOTS of pictures from the day but it was so hard to pick between the pictures.
This is Sydney racing down the line in the 50-yard dash. Run Sydney Run!!

Working on her Jump rope skills!!

In this relay they had to race down the line and put their nose on the tip of the bat and spin it around in a circle and then race back and tag their other team member and then they raced down. This is Sydneys teacher Mrs. Phipps at the end in the green shirt.

This is Sydney and her little friend Matthew doing a relay where they had to fill their cup with water and race to dump the water in the bucket and the team with the most water in their bucket was the winner...It was a tie....YAY!! And of course the cup had holes in it, so you had to run really fast!

This was another water race....I think the kids enjoyed the water races the most...well I know Sydney did, because she looks for any excuse to get wet. In this relay they had to take their sponge to the water bucket and fill the sponge with water and run to the bucket and ring out their sponge and the team with the most water was a tye again....YAY!!!


In this relay they had to hold the ball between their partners back and run to the cone and come back and tag the next set of partners. The goal was to get to the end without dropping the ball. Now Sydneys partner was her little "boyfriend" Jason Acosta.....Somehow he always ended up being her partner in all the relays?? Mommy is not ready for this!!

This was Sydneys first sack race, so she had an interested time in figuring out how to hop in these sacks and hop to the cone and back.....

In this relay they had to toss the beach ball up in the air while running to the cone and back....They had to multi-task in this relay!!! Thank goodness my sweet girl is more coordinated than her mommy!

The Frisbee toss.....Sydney became bored very quickly with this relay.....especially when her little partner was not Mr. Jason!!!

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