Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girl Scout World Thinking Day

This Saturday our girl scout troop celebrated "World Thinking Day 2010". This was an International festival where each troop in Franklin county was responsible for a country. Our troops country was Italy. The girls worked very hard on developing a display board with information about Italy such as how many people lived there, favorite foods, and what the kids did for fun in Italy. Also they had to present a craft for the girls to make, and they did the Italy flag made with red,white, and green pasta noodles. They also had biscotti for the girls to try which was a food from Italy as well as a game that children in Italy play which was similar to Red light, green light hear in America. Sydney really enjoyed this festival, in fact I was amazed at how intrigued she was, she would look intently at each board, wanted to make each craft, and HAD to try each countries different food. It was a very fun and learning day!!

Making a bracelet at one of the countries booths

Yummyy juice break.....

Playing the Red Light, Green Light game

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