Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh What Fun We Have Had On Spring Break...

Oh What Fun we had on spring break....I wish spring breaks could last longer and can't wait for summer....I love being home from work and my baby being home from school so we can see what new adventure awaits us! During spring break we spent only one day at home tidying up and running errands, every other day was spent finding new museums to go to and going to playgrounds with friends.

On Tuesday we found this really new cool indoor playground to go to in Morrisville. It is actually a place that makes the big wooden playground sets and inside their warehouse they have big swing sets and playhouses and inflatables. Sydney thought this was the coolest place she has ever been, For 7dollars they could play all day and they even have picnic tables inside that you can pack a lunch or take snack breaks....Can't wait to try this again when the weather is too hot to go to the park.

Sydney and Savannah in one of the playhouses....

Sydney and Savannah on the seesaw

Ready....Set....Go....Racing to the finish

Love this face.....I think the slide was little faster than she thought...

Last time down the slide to end out a wonderful day....then we were off to enjoy a scrumptious lunch at Cracker Barrel.....One of Sydneys favorites because she loves to play "her version" of Checkers while we wait for our food......

On Wednesday Sydney and Mommy had Movie Day....we went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3-D...Sydney loves to go to the movies...she always has to have "Chocolate Crunch" or nestle crunch bites with coke and eats most of Mommy's popcorn....So needless to say we have lunch at the movies full of junk food and sit back and enjoy the show.

Our next adventure was off to check out a new children's museum in Wilson, Imagination Station Science Museum. It was a small museum but they had really great exhibits and a few reptiles upstairs to see. We took Rufie along on this adventure....Sydneys favorite part of this museum were the snakes and turtles upstairs....Especially the one snake that every time Sydney would look at him in the tank and make a noise, the snake would stick out its tongue and hisssss....Syd got such a kick out of this and it really freaked Mommy OUT!!!

This was an exhibit where you would pick an animal such as a turtle and you would see how was faster you or the turtle....their were other things that she could not outrun like a jaguar and a horse.....

Sydney and Rufie.....inside the big mouth!!!

These were different levers, some with long ropes and some with short ropes to show how much force was needed to lift the weight.

The biggest snake I have ever seen and never want to see again.....Rufie swore this snake was not real because it never moved the entire time we were matter how much she banged on the glass...she didn't understand the Do Not Tap Glass signs placed all around.....hahaha

One last picture for Mommy before we finish off another great day....Now off to McDonald's for some YUMMY ice cream!

To finish up one awesome week, the girl scouts went to Frankies Fun Park as one of the events there were able to attend with their cookie money. Sydney ABSOLUTELY LOVES THIS PLACE!!! This is somewhere that her dad takes her during the summer and they race the gocarts. At Frankies they have lots of video games and two large climbing fun zones and since her dad never lets her to the climbing gyms because he says there are too many big kids in them when they go, I said lets do these since the place was not very crowded. Sydney chose to do the Spider Web and once she got up to the first floor of it she wanted OUT!! It was made up of very tight rubber bands and she had a really difficult time climbing and squeezing thru the bands. So after she pulled her self out of the web, we played some video games and then headed out to the bumper boats....she really loved this because she loves anything with water. She got a kick out of shooting the other players with her water guns and I think she rode the boats like three times. She also really liked playing in the Fun Gym which had slides and tunnels to climb thru. It was a great day and all the scouts got to enjoy a pizza party for lunch.

She is so over this spider to the next attraction.

Sydney is aiming to win...she is gonna get ya with her water shooter......

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