Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Field Trip to Marbles

Sydney had her spring field trip with Mrs. Phipps kindergarten class at Marbles museum. This happens to be one of our favorite places to go on a rainy day because you spend hours in this museum and come out having learned so much. I went along with Sydneys class as a chaperone and had Sydney and her little friend Melody. It was alot of fun but a bit stressful because this museum is so big and Sydney and Melody enjoy doing different things so I was constantly having to keep them together doing the same thing in hope of not losing anyone...Sydneys favorite areas in the museum is the water splash area, the houskeeping area because she enjoys playing dressup and the new exhibit Moneypalooza because she enjoys playing with all the stuffed animals. the moneypalooza area is an exhibit that is to teach children how to save and manage money such as how to make money walking dogs, or they have a play lemonade stand and pizza shop where the kids can pretend that they are selling lemonade or pizza for money. They also have a big slide in this exhibit that Sydney enjoys playing on.

This is a sweet picture of Sydney waiting in line before going into marbles.....doesn't she have the sweetest little baby face!!!

Down the bus slide into the housekeeping area......entrance into the museum and a tradition which is always the first thing we must do upon entering the museum.

Making a post card at the post office.

Down the slide at Moneypalooza!

The New Face on the 100dollar bill

Sydney and her sweet friend Jason.....Usually where there is Jason....there is Sydney.

Riding the waves....Hang 10!

Sydney and Melody being silly...I think these are cat faces!!!

Sydney loves flowers....It is probably her favorite thing next to food! At marbles they have an outside garden with water cans for the children to water the plants! Sydney says when she grows up "one of her jobs is going to be working at a florist".

All of the Bunn Elementary School students enjoying their "picnic lunch" inside.

I love this picture!!!

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